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Curaprox’s Hydrosonic toothbrushes are designed by dental experts to provide a daily professional oral care experience at home, for patients with all types of dental conditions. The toothbrushes combine the power of up to 84,000 brush movements, a hydrodynamic effect, and three innovative Swiss-made brush heads with ultra-fine Curen® filaments.

With the Hydrosonic toothbrush, your patients will always be staying on the safe side with their oral health. Maybe you’ve had experience of some electric brushes that are not able to remove plaque accumulation on critical spots in your patients’ mouths? Give the Hydrosonic pro a try. 

Thanks to Curacurve® technology (a bend in the brush head of 10 or 15 degrees) the super gentle Curen® filaments on the brush head reach every spot and clean perfectly without causing any damage to the tooth enamel or gingivae. 

When it comes to sensitive gums, your patients will also be able to avoid discomfort while cleaning. The Hydrosonic pro cleans powerfully and efficiently, but thanks to a unique interplay of sonic technology and hydrodynamics, it does so in the gentlest way possible.

Each Hydrosonic pro comes with three different brush heads: “Power” for normal brushing, “sensitive” for a more gentle experience, and “single” for targeted cleaning. 

The power and sensitive brush heads are exceptional because the filaments have two different lengths that are arranged in a droplet shape, so they wrap around each tooth and clean even more effectively. And because the brush head is so small, all the areas around the teeth are easy to reach.

The single tuft brush allows for precise tooth-by-tooth cleaning in the areas where the bacterial plaque accumulates – in the gaps between teeth and braces, brackets, arches, wires, bridges and implants, at the sulcus, around malpositioned teeth, and it’s also perfect for polishing surfaces of teeth. 

Your patients can enjoy the qualities of all three brush heads with any Curaprox Hydrosonic device, as they fit every Hydrosonic toothbrush. All the brush heads also have a rubberised back for a pleasant and safe cleaning experience. 

The Hydrosonic toothbrush enables your patients to benefit from the powerful results of water in motion. The movement of the brush head causes the mixture of saliva, water and toothpaste to swirl around at high speed. There’s no hiding place for bacteria and plaque, it’s instantly flushed out. That’s the hydrodynamic effect. 

We do, of course, still recommend using interdental brushes and floss to thoroughly clean in the interdental spaces.

We developed our Hydrosonic pro to give all patients professional support for their oral health. This brush will optimise the oral care for:

  • patients with orthodontic devices and dentures
  • patients with implants, to prevent peri-implantitis 
  • patients suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis
  • people with limited dexterity
  • as a daily precise prophylaxis for all patients

You can watch our instructional video and read our ultimate guide before instructing your patients in the dental chair. Both guides are short, practical and easy to understand, so you can also recommend your patients review them at home before their first use of the Hydrosonic toothbrush. Every new Hydrosonic toothbrush also comes with printed instructions.

Watch dental professionals Dr. Olga Zhyta, a general dentist from Ukraine, Dr. Camelia Roman, a general dentist from Romania, and Anastasia Zakharova, a 5th year dental student from Russia demonstrating the Curaprox Hydrosonic toothbrushes on themselves.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on new Hydrosonic pro, Hydrosonic easy and Hydrosonic black is white toothbrushes. Learn more about the money-back guarantee on new purchases here.

Patients who have already bought Curaprox Hydrosonic toothbrushes can easily extend the warranty on any of our sonic devices. They will need just sign up for a Curaprox user account (or log in to their existing user account) on curaprox.com, go to “Registered Products” and register the product to extend the warranty from two to three years.

You can learn more about the latest scientific evidence on the effectiveness of powered toothbrushes for patients with orthodontic appliances, misalignment, sensitivity, recession or periodontal problems by watching our webinar, hosted by the prevention expert and Hydrosonic co-creator, Prof. Dr. Ulrich P. Saxer. 

To find out more about ensuring the best possible oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment, join the webinars by periodontists Dr. Natasa Martic and Dr. Dora Tihanyi

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